HaloSat has left the building

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Our space has various things in it. However we have made large telescopes to study them from earth, but it is very hard to identify all objects that exist in space. Our eyes can’t reach deep space even with largest telescope in the world. That’s why satellites and spacecrafts are made to send them into space so that they could collect data and send back to earth. Even though we have several large satellites floating in space, they are unable to know about all the objects located far away from earth, according to scientists. Therefore, they installed small satellite into space above Australia on 13th July, 2018. It will revolve on low earth orbit and search for “missing” dark matter by studying X-ray which is emitted by halo of hot gas that is present all around the Milky Way. You can see a NanoRacks cubesat in the above image which ejects a small satellite into space.

Source: https://www.space.com/34-image-day.html

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