Crab Nebula .... part 3 / 9

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 Looking at the nebula is really amazing and very enjoyable, and we can only be dazzled and admired.
 The  origin of the word nebula is the Latin word for cloud. The nebula   is  not just a huge cloud of dust, hydrogen gaseous, helium and plasma.   It  is also often considered an incubator of stars, the place where  the   stars were born. Between distant galaxies and these massive clouds
 For a time scientists and astronomers were aware that outer space was not entirely empty
 In fact, it is composed of gas and dust particles known as the    Interstellar Medium (ISM), roughly 99 percent of the components of  this   medium are gas, 75 percent of its mass is hydrogen and the other  25  are  helium
 The nebula is formed when parts of the astral medium undergo a    gravitational collapse, where mutual attractions cause matter to be    grouped together into denser regions
 From here, stars can consist of the center of the material's collapse,    where its UV radiation causes the surrounding gases to be visible at    optical wavelengths
 Most of the nebulae are very large, measuring up to hundreds of light    years in the diameter, a unit of longitudinal measurement of   superpowers  

Crab Nebula


Crab Nebula (NGC 1952) in Taurus is probably the most supernova supernova remnant of fame in the sky. What we see now is the remains of the wreckage of this huge explosion.

The  crab nebula as it appears is more like a complex network of glowing  filaments of ionized hydrogen gas woven amid a bluish glow from the  debris of dust and gases.

It is estimated that the nebula from the Earth is approximately 6,500 light-years away 

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