Curiousity About Space

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Recently we witnessed the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and it brought up some questions. Since I know nothing about astronomy I am presenting these questions here. There is one question on the conjunction and two other questions I have.


So, first, the great conjunction. When I saw a simulation of the solar system they were talking about the magnetic shields that formed around each planet protecting it from the suns harmful rays. For Jupiter they showed a tear-drop shaped bubble that stretched all the way back to cross into Saturn's orbital field. I guess the first question would be whether or not that is accurate. And if it is, then the second question is, what happens when Saturn passes through Jupiter's magnetic field during a conjunction? Is it like two magnetic coming together? Are there effects on Saturn for passing through Jupiter's wake? The great conjunction was interesting but it definitely brought up other questions.


Another space question is the videos that talk about the sounds of planets. NASA and others I imagine, turn the frequencies transmitted by planets into sounds. Without digging much into the science I was watching a video talking about Juno waves. And as I watched the video they played the sound of the wave. My TV, with closed captioned turned on, translated the juno wave into the word - Palakpakan. I am wondering if these juno waves, sounds from the planets, can be translated by AI into words? Are planets not only "singing" but "talking" as well?


And the last question is about the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. These two oceans come together at a line but do not mix. Ever? If one is more dense than the other can it not slip under the other where the density is less? What happens if, near that line, you take a big bucket, scoop up some of the Atlantic and then pour it into the Pacific? Does it just merge together? Does it form a pool of different coloured water? Does it try to get back to it's origin ocean?


Fourth, since we are talking about space I might as well give my latest theory on Earth and Mars.

In the 'beginning' Martians (early humans) lived on Mars.

The planet began to fall, guessing environmentally, and Martians moved the less evolved children to Earth (Martians who were unable to adapt to climate change on Mars) to become refugees.

The Martians remained on Earth trying to advance the children of Mars living on Earth into civilizations. Perhaps merging Martian children and what Humans that may have already existed on Earth. The Ancients, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, etc. This explains how Mayans and Middle Eastern civilizations developed similarly while thousands of kilometres apart. Yes, aliens. Perhaps early Humans were these children of Mars?

The Martians mostly left Earth, leaving the children (now generations older) to fend for themselves. The Martians are long gone perhaps, but other alien species check in on Earth from time to time, sometimes in passing while other times intrusively.

And now, full circle, we find Humans wanting to "return home" to Mars.


yea i was on mars the other day theres pepole there right now but sometimes its better not to know stuff if its not revelant!

define "relevant"

nice image there is pictures of this planet when it had forests and and oceans it still exists u can go there right now! u dont need a dumb machine either ... but those r cool i just say stupid cuz some ppl think u have to have all these permission slips to be urself when u dont!

some of the yayel will be taking humans on tours of the solar system after u get used to them and can handle it without freaking the fuck out and assuming there going to kill u because there frequency is so balls out the assholes high and u might not be ready for it yet but not that u cant yesterday or right now!

some pretty fancy underground cities on that planet right now and stuff... we need some of those qunatum duplicators for water there real they make terrforming super easy! u dont need to nuke mars poles say no to silly dark beings worship!