Apollo 11 and stick-your-head-in-the-sand-technology

in #space2 years ago

I recently watched the new released Apollo 11 docu. Apollo 11 was the mission in 1969 that brought Niel Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins to the moon. (although Mike Collins stayed behind in the shop which Neil and Buzz where actually on the moon. No wonder you never see this guy or name anywhere. I even wrote Mike Pence..Sttttt )

This was the first time any man set foot on the moon, and although all the conspiracy theories about this mission are there, that is not what this post is about, let us leave that on the side.


What I find most interesting is that in the year 1969 mankind was already capable of doing these kinds of things. So now we are 51 years later then when technology was advanced enough to do this, and what really happend after that?

We see blockchains and all kinds of technology here all over the place, and only a small amount of people actually knows how this all works. We are able to transplant any kind of part from a human animal into another humand animal and also only that a few understand.

But when it comes to terms of space technology, it feels like almost nothing has happened ever since (see this in perspective please, ofcourse stuff has happened)

Yes ofcourse we have the ISS and we have ideas of having humans going to mars but this is still music of the future. Also when you look at the space craft from back then, and the one that was recently shot up to the ISS the basics are still the same. Were we so smart back then, or has not much has happened in the mean time?

We can calculate how many lighyears away a certain planet is, but having a clue how to get there, or how that it got there is still often a mystery. I find this fascinting how some things can speed up so much because the priority is there, and other stuff continues to lie around for years.

Maybe take Covid vaccinations for an example. Virusses have always been there and most likely a virus or our resistance to antibiotics will wipe out all of mankind some day, but still we don't find that important enough to direct our research towards. Isn't that interesting?

Isn't it interesting that someone cares about its gadget/car/iwatch/whatever more than something that potentially might wipe them out even next year? Enough of the doom-scenario thinking now, but this is true. How can we care about a detail in our lives while our lives are the only thing that we are sure of that will end one day.? And how don't we go crazy by that thought?

Short Term priorities and blocking out the evil thoughts. That is what happens actually. And we prioritize something that will work for us in the near future, or something that will give us status. That is how these guys got to the moon. Because the were competing and that was important for the US and Russia at the time, hence the priority.

I guess this counts for most stuff. Short term satisfaction. For my short term satisfaction I will enjoy my Sunday and take the dog for a spin. Watch the docu, it is really cool actually.

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