Interstellar Exoplanet Ekistics (ISEE)

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Yuri Volkovnikov, ISEE (Interstellar Exoplanet Ekistics), has discovered the perfect location for colonization. This particular area of Gliese 3293b is not as susceptible to the mass land flow or the erratic magnetism. This means instrumentation is not as affected by the shifting polarity. He is sending all his real-time data to be analyzed.

I actually took this shot off a small dirt road near my hometown. It’s a mud bogging spot - so there are lots of puddles that reflect the morning light nicely. I got down low in the mud to capture the Bokeh of the reflecting light. I find shooting toys outdoors much more fun than inside in a studio setting. The lighting can’t be changed at all but I find the outside natural light so much better!

I used the Olympus OMD EM5 (micro four thirds camera) with the Russian made Jupiter 37a 135mm f3.5 lens. It has twelve aperature blades which makes for some fantastic Bokeh spheres.