The Darkest and Emptiest Region or Area in the Universe?

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Darkness is defined as the absence of light. But it seems that wherever you go in the universe there is always something that produces light. So what is the darkest region or area in the universe?

In this post I am going to introduce to you to the darkest and emptiest places in the universe. These regions of space are called voids and are virtually dead zones in the cosmos. But generally, they are close enough to stars and galaxies where they would actually produce a good view for an observer.

So in order for someone to experience true isolation and darkness, we will have to examine supervoids. They are defined as vast regions in space that literally have nothing in them and by that it means they have no light, no temperature and no matter.

The largest of these supervoids is the giant void in the Northern Galactic Hemisphere. This distance is so large that it would take one billion light-years to travel between the two nearest galaxies. This gap is so big that ten thousand Milky Way galaxies could easily fit inside of it.

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And if you are placed at the center of this cosmic void, this is what you would see:

The distance between you and the nearest light sources is so large that you would not be able to see anything, not even yourself. So it is safe to say that this giant void is the darkest region or place in the universe?

Maybe it is. Presently, humans could only see 46 billion light-years in any direction. After that, we do not really know what may or not really exist. Some wise-ass internet commenters have speculated that these voids are the work of super-advanced alien civilizations cloaking their structures or building Dyson Spheres. But that is a topic for another day.


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Thank you. I hope the whales noticed my post.

very cool post i love the speculations. this stuff fascinates me big. huge upvote

Interesting stuff. I like information about our universe, but it's all so mind boggling!

Yeah, it is even giving me a headache thinking about it.

Pretty cool!

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