Launch of Cygnus NG 12 on an Antares Rocket to the ISS [Live: 02.11.2019, 13:59 UTC]

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Be aware, this is rocket surgery.

Small disturbances can lead to postponed launches. Making sure everything is just right is way cheaper than risking big fireworks.

This is the 12th resupply mission to the International Space Station by a Cygnus spacecraft under the Commercial Resupply Services program with NASA.

What's on Board Briefing: NASA Video - YouToube

Mission Details: Wikipedia

Launch site: Pad 0A, Wallops Island, Virginia

Where to watch:


When: 13:59 UTC, 2nd November 2019.

Check your local time at:

Useful links to stay up to date on launches: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight

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