SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Coming Soon!

in space •  11 months ago

Attention space and rocketry fans! SpaceX, Elon Musk's now-famous rocket company, finally appears ready to test-launch its new massive rocket, the Falcon Heavy. This rocket is (on the surface, anyway) simply 3 of its ordinary Falcon 9 rockets bolted together. It's supposed to be one of the most powerful orbital rockets in the world, and should easily be able to send payloads all over the solar system.

It's been delayed for years, because it's apparently rather challenging to build a rocket of this caliber from scratch, but it's finally all in one piece and being readied for launch in Florida. They have to complete a static fire test (stick it on the launch pad and rev the engines a bit) before launch, but it could go into space as early as the end of January.

Never one to do things halfway, Mr. Musk decided that the Falcon Heavy's inaugural payload would be a literal Tesla Roadster! This unconventional traveler will be placed in a slow-decaying orbit around Mars, ostensibly just for fun.

Practically speaking, this is going to be a very cool event to watch -- whether it makes it to Mars or explodes on the launch pad. Unfortunately there's no way I'll be able to make it to Florida on short notice to see it, but I'll definitely be watching the launch stream online. Is anyone out there able to get to Cape Canaveral to see it? Let me know in the comments!

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Haha I laughed at the last part "whether it makes it to Mars or explodes on the launch pad". But seriously, it's interesting to see how it will actually do. Of course, I hope it won't explode! That would be sad!!

Oh, that would be awesome to watch. My son plans to go to college and become a mechanical engineer. His future plan is to help build space shuttles, and build things on Mars (assuming that is where the future leads mankind). Too bad they can't put a steem logo on it, lol :-)

I can't wait for this launch. I soooo wish I could be there for it but I'll be watching the stream as well. I got to see a Titan 4 launch in the late 90s at Vandenburg and that was incredible, but the heavy is even bigger than the Titan and the payload capacity is WAY more. Good step towards building more substantial things off planet.

I'm super tempted to try to make it there to view in person but they haven't released a date yet for this launch.

It would be heart breaking If it explodes... I mean.. All d work put into building space x


Fortunately, the company would still survive. They are doing pretty good business with their ordinary Falcon 9.

How exciting!
Lift off!

I am so looking forward to this!

I'm very excited about this. Thanks for the update. I am not able to attend in person unfortunately.


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No rule per se, but it's generally not appreciated to spam comments to people just to promote random stuff.

O really..Thanks a lot for sharing this news.

I appreciate to your post.carry on my friend...Best of luck..

Go SpaceX Go... :) Elon you're a legend.....


Just can't wait to see this happen. All fingers crossed!


Static fire just happened yesterday, apparently a smashing success!