Do You Know How Many Asteroids Are In Collision Course With Earth?

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We hear about asteroids all the time in news. Most of them too far away with very little chance of smacking into earth. But astronomers fear at least 4 of them are near earth asteroids that may be in collision course with our planet. In fact one of them called FT3 is estimated to pass by our planet on October 3, 2019 in just a few weeks from now. The risk of collision is estimated low unless it deviates from its course.

Check these near earth asteroids and their risk of collision with earth:

NASA is working on various strategies to prevent near earth asteroids hitting our planet. Such strategies include destroying the asteroid in the space with nuclear weapons.

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A few points:

  1. I wish more new posters could see your post. They think that all they have to do is attach a video or article from a different site and we must rush to vew/read and shower them with upvotes. You did it very nicely, enough info in your own words to wet the appetite and deserve our upvotes - and to avoid flagging from the self-appoint police force of steemit.

  2. All good posters (they are usually the ones with some voting power) recognise the effort of making a good post an upvote - they do not need to be asked. Those who need to be asked, usually have zero voting power. I am not telling you not to ask, after all, there are posters with Reps of over 70 who still plead... I just wanted you to be aware of how some might see it.

  3. As for the subject matter: Imagine we turn into such PC idiots that we (after developing the technology) send back teams to help the dinos grow smarter and to develop nuclear weapons so as to save themselves from that big asteroid that wiped them out. If we do, it would not worry me, as they would then use the bombs to wipe themselves out of existence. It seems to be a law of nature - have bombs, will go bang.

Thanks @arthur.grafo4 for visiting my post and your kind words, and of course you upvotes. I try my best to present in my blog any intriguing information that I come across in a proper perspective in minimum words and maximum relevance.

As for the self-appointed police force of steemit, my take is they only go after lesser mortals. They would not not go after a super-whale who posts senseless images or graphs every few hours only to rape the reward pool.

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I see why you chose the avatar image you did

You right on the money on this buddy. Keep up the good work.

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