It is an insult to say a daughter to a son!

in #space4 years ago

Happiness is the same, which is located in itself. Limiting yourself to yourself is as it is, to keep saying that I am simple, but in reality there is one among the millions of simple people around us. The simple thing is that it is absorbed in itself. Who has absorbed the innate nature of life. Which, but, that is, it is beyond that, that is simple. Those who have taken life and themselves together, they can be very simple. His mind can be clear.
If one word says where the most pain comes from life, then the answer will be clear ... 'Comparison'. Nobody has harmed us more than this one word. Even further, humanity is less likely to meet its sufferings than anyone else. Life without it can be so enjoyable, at least this time is beyond imagination, because our whole consciousness is stuck in comparison.
Now come, on our sentences, which we keep speaking in a crooked manner. Perhaps you have not noticed your attention to such a statement, but it is difficult to say that you have never heard of it. The funny thing is that both of them use it. He has both sons and daughters in his house. Second, in whose house there are daughters.

Both of us get to hear that our daughter is like a son. Our daughter is more than sons. Daughters are not less than sons Our words are not just words. Next to that, we have our feelings. Our contemplation system has a mirror.
You may have seen many such families, where older sisters call younger brothers as brothers, because before that their mother also did the same. It is also possible to some extent that his father took this 'happiness'.

At first glance, this may seem a bit awkward, but if you think a little bit, then it is possible, then it is possible to go through the mind. We will be left 'robots' without our words, language and thought.

Therefore, adopt a new attitude towards life. Being what has happened, as has happened, being a part of it, we are violating the basic law of being human. What are we interfering around us, this is a common question, which we must do by ourselves.

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