Extraterrestrials will not attack the Earth

in space •  2 years ago

 If aliens want to communicate with earthlings, they will be peaceful.  This opinion was expressed by American Seth Shostak of search for  extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to experts, if the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations were unfriendly intentions, now our spacecraft would be subjected to attack. The scenario would develop in the spirit of star wars, because the humans are actively exploring the space and no one not masked. But such facts have not yet been observed.

Moreover, if military action was prepared, within our Solar system already would go some preparation. And to conceal such activities from the cosmic "eye" of earthlings are impossible.

Shostak believes that intelligent life in the universe, of course, exist not only on Earth. But the distance between inhabited worlds is so great that the inhabitants of other worlds simply do not see the Earth as, however, and the earthlings have not yet found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. 

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