Heavenly Signs of 2020

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While 2019 had its fair share of signs and events, 2020 looks extremely promising with some events that must be followed by something extraordinary or big changes for us! With four lunar eclipses; the Wolf Moon, Strawberry Moon, Thunder Moon, and Frosty Moon eclipses happening on January 10th, June 5th, July 5th, and November 29th-30th!

The ‘Solstice Ring Of Fire Eclipse’ will take place on June 21st, 2020 and will mirror the eclipse that took place over Christmas, which some say is linked to a current surge in earthquakes around the globe, later on December 14th, 2020, a total solar eclipse will also take place.

There will also be 3 Supermoons in March-May! Saturn and Jupiter will also be at their brightest one week after the other with Jupiter on July 14th and Saturn on the 21st! Two very important planets being the King planet and what could be our new sun! Lyrids, Leonids, and Geminids meteor showers will also have great displays with the moon barely shining on those nights. The Lyrids will take place between April 21st-22nd with the Leonids coming November 16th-17th and lastly the Geminids on December 13th-14th.

Probably one of the biggest events will take place on December 21st, 2020 called the Great Solstice Appulse! This hasn't happened since 2000 and won't happen again until 2040. On this night Saturn and Jupiter will appear in the sky during sunset and will be so close they will appear as one planet!

Here’s something that’s not happened since the year 2000, and won’t happen again until 2040. On December 21, 2020—the exact date of the solstice—Saturn and Jupiter will appear incredibly close together (just 0.06º apart) right after sunset. Astronomer’s call this an “appulse”or a “great conjunction.” It will all be a matter of perspective; Jupiter and Saturn will actually be 733 million miles from each other, as well as being 887 million miles and 1620 million miles from Earth, respectively. However, from Earth, the giant gas planets will appear almost as one.


With any luck, one of these events may become very significant for humanity as a whole, given the chance we're given that time. . What do you think? Leave your comments below! Have a nice day!

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