SP Delegation Needed Can Pay Daily, Weekly, Monthly Etc.

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Hey everyone, I am hoping to expand my reach and would like to lease SP. If anyone has SP for delegation I can pay upfront and/or any other means of financing. I have created numerous CC0/public domained licensed videos and charts to help people learn guitar. By the end of March, I hope to have a website ready with a more unified and full course that is well organized so beginner and intermediate people can best expand their skills for free.

Also would be amazing if there were weekly free lessons via webcam--especially if I need not run that lesson everyweek and if more people would become part of this project would be so dope.

Anywho, thank you steem for everything. Anyone with SP for delegation please message me the rates via discord: "TheFatKat" or you can send me an encrypted message here via steem if you put #, before the memo in a transfer of 0.001 sbd or steem. Even if I get SP in next day or two, the sky is the limit for my demand so I can definitely get you paid, even if I need to get a loan or wait a day or two to have whatever the price.

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Nice @learnguitar

Would you mind explaining how the delegation process works for the beginners out there? (myself included)

I know I could just do a search, but I figured this could be an appropriate post to just ask.

Thanks in advance!


There is a url that the person goes to and connects via steem connect to delegate, then there is a 7 day cool down process that the lessor must wait through to get the SP back at full power.


Thanks for asking such vital question @natealexhart and thanks @fatkat for answering I dont know about delegation myself


yea lot of reading to figure out how this whole eco system works, might make another post about my approach sometime.


True only with lots of reading and research can one get to understand more. Thanks for sharing


Thanks. I will have to look into this more. There's quite a bit more to learning the ins and outs of steemit than I originally thought.

I love the sp delegation thing. I am ready to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing.


Yea it can be mutually beneficial for whales and minnows together

your post all so good. i like it@learguitarDQmYfKYGX2M8Qc8nNUi6TqUzHKoeLmafZ6PVBMjt7wjXe5R.gif


Like for everything?


Thanks, what did you like about it?

do you mean delegation such to utopian-oi, dmania, smartmarket, minnowsupport project??? they open delegation for everyone and get payment weekly depend on their SP contribution on it project

I would love to participate but unfortunately I only have minute amounts of it myself. But I am resteeming so perhaps someone in my group. Good luck sounds like a great project.

Well, I learn a new thing - delagation on Steemit. Need to do more reaserch on this matter. Al the best for your project!

I really want to learn guitar chords.


some of my posts deal with chords, what do you need to know and why, and I can try to explain/recommend videos until the version 2 of the course is up at the end of March, all licensed public domain so you can use however you want.


Looking forward to that...

ready boss, I will give you a notification if any of my friends who want to rent sp, hope we can work together well, and become friends


The best

how does this delegation thing work, if i want to delegate ?

Hey Charlie! remember us from Acapulco? I helped with the anorexia problem! HUGS

excellent post ... I really liked it! I will follow your content

I too think it would be great if you did a post on your experiences (pros and cons) of SP delegation. I don't understand why anyone would want to give up their SP unless they don't want to vote themselves, nor use the bots. Good luck to you and I too will ask around for you :)

Good luck finding delegates, if I had any I would support you but I'm still a wee lil plankton.. I upvoted and resteemed you to over 1,600 ppl though.