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Beautiful Details of nature

Hello to all my subscribers and people who first appeared on my profile.

Today I wanted to share photos of details of nature that I saw while walking in the woods some time ago. Like the details presented are nothing extraordinary, but the existing weather and lighting conditions caused that these objects caught my attention. The pictures also inspire to some deeper thoughts about which I will write under each shot. I invite you to browse some selected works that day. best regards

Realize what impact the perception of reality has on its perception. A completely different reality is seen by the naked eye and a completely different look through pink glasses. The effect created on the bottom edge of the glass of the glasses deserves a moment of reflection.

In this approach, you can think for a moment about how common life is in symbiosis. As one species lives in harmony with another species.

Here, in turn, we see the classic theme of transience. Never a beautiful living tree, now a dried up corpse.

In this perspective, in turn, we have an insight into the continuity of life. We see perfectly how the life that has passed away or rather its physical form of manifestation becomes the source of a new life in a different form. Because life is a constant flow of energy in various forms.

That's all for today, thank you for your attention and your own thoughts. Sorry for any language errors, I can't speak English and I have been using Google translator.

Regards, subscribe to my profile and see you soon.

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