"The Crown" - City of London

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"When people hear "The Crown", they automatically think of the King and Queen. When they hear "London" or "The City", they instantly think of the capital of England in which the monarch officially resides since London's expansion absorbed the City of Westminster.

"The City" is in fact a privately owned Corporation - or sovereign state - occupying 677 acres in the heart of the 610 square mile "Greater London" area. The population of the City is 5,000 whereas Greater London has 8 million."

"The City of London was formed when the Romans arrived in Great Britain 2000 years ago and started a trading post on the River Thames. Exactly 1000 years later William the Conqueror (King William III) gave sovereign status to the City of Londoners in 1694 allowing them to continue enjoying separate rights and privileges so long as they recognized him as King. The Kings that succeeded William however, decided to build a new capital city and named it Westminster. There have been numerous instances of the King and the City’s Mayor at loggerheads with each other."

"The City/The Crown Corporation is not subject to British Law; it has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag, its own police force – exactly like the Vatican city state and Washington DC Columbia. The Crown Corporation is also separate from the Metropolitan city; its police drive red police cars and their uniforms are different from the Metropolitan Police."

The 'Crown' is not owned by the Westminster and the Queen or England.

"The City of London has been granted various special privileges since the Norman Conquest, such as the right to run its own affairs, partly due to the power of its financial capital. These are also mentioned by the Statute of William and Mary in 1690.

City State of London is the world's financial power centre and wealthiest square mile on earth - contains Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Lloyd's of London, London Stock Exchange, ALL British banks, branch offices of 385 foreign banks and 70 U.S. banks.

City State of London houses Fleet Street's newspaper and publishing monopolies (BBC/Reuters), also HQ for World Wide English Freemasonry and for worldwide money cartel known as The Crown..."

"There are four layers of elected representatives in the Corporation: common councilmen, aldermen, sheriffs and the Lord Mayor."

"when the Queen wishes to enter the City Of London, she is required to seek permission from the Lord Mayer, Likewise the Lord Mayer has to seek permission from the Queen to enter Greater London. This ceremonial process takes place at Temple bar, which is symbolically recognised as the gate of the city."

"The Crown is the private Corporation of London. It has a council of twelve members who rule the corporation under a mayor called the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor and his twelve member council serve as proxies who sit in for thirteen of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful banking families."

"The Crown is private corporate City State of London — it’s Council of 12 members (Board of Directors) rule corporation under a mayor, called the LORD MAYOR — legal representation provided by S.J. Berwin."

"The citizens' right to elect a Mayor annually was granted by King John in a charter of 1215."

"The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. "

"The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, are owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power. Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different “Crown” and is fully exposed and explained below. We are specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown.” From this point on, we will also refer to the Crown as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, all three being synonymous."

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