Southwest Airlines Asked UC Berkeley Coach To Prove Identity Of Biracial Son

in southwest •  6 months ago

UC Berkeley coach Lindsay Gottlieb, says she was 'appalled' at the fact she was asked to prove her relationship to her biracial son.

When Gottlieb shared her experience with the ticket counter personnel for a Southwest Airlines flight on Twitter, it sparked interesting conversations as well as catching Chrissy Tiegen's attention.

Lindsay Gottlieb, 40, said she has flown with her 1 year-old son approximately 50 times before and not once has she been asked to prove she's the mother of her biracial son.

The Southwest Airlines ticket agent told her it was because they have different last names, but Gottlieb felt it was because they have different skin tones.

Many who chose to comment on her experience were in support of the ticket counter personnel, stating that the employee was only doing their job. Some are defending Gottlieb, understanding her hurt and sympathize with her situation.

When Chrissy Tiegen read about Lindsay Gottlieb's experience, she tweeted that airlines have asked this of her as well and that once she learned that it's a precaution for the real threat of child trafficking, she stopped being exasperated with it. Now she gets worried if they don't ask.

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This looks so racist.