super sport Saterday Tries: Akker van der Merwe, Tyler Paul.

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Yesterday was a super sport day for all sport loving fans in South Africa . First we had a super Soweto derby between Chiefs and Orlando Pirates ,then the Liverpool vs Cardiff game and then the Curry cup final between Western Province and the Sharks . What made it more special ,all the teams I supported won. Pirates won 2-1 , Sharks won 12-17 and Liverpool won 4-1. Great isn't it .

The only problem I have was all the games were played at a similar time. So I was forced to swap and changed channels. Unfortunately, this came with its own challenges. I really couldn't enjoy a full game and sometimes I missed the important part of the game. Thinking back I would have rather picked one and recorded the others. But knowing me I would have sneaked a preview of the final scores and all the excitement would have been over. So perhaps I would then choosed one and watched the High-lights of the others.

The Pirates and Chiefs game was intense, they normally are. This game always is the largest game in South African soccer. This was the 162th Soweto derby. Fans from all over South Africa travel hours to view it live. The first goal was scored by the Zimbabwean international Billiat. As Chiefs made a wonderful start.

Their after Pirates shifted the tide firmly in their favor ,scoring 2 goals in 3 minutes. Pirates turned Chiefs around in defense throughout the game ,with wonderful play from Mulenga, Shonga and Pule.
Later in the second half Chief tired their best and just cound't find the net . Making in a true Soweto derby. Fans must have bit off their fingers, as either side could have won the game.

The Liverpool game started just as I expected with many first team players having a rest. Liverpool were all over Cardiff in the first half and could have scored Half a dozen of goals. Not to be . They managed only one goal from Salah. At this stage Liverpool were making all the play. They had over 80% ball position and must have played in The Cardiff half around 70% of the time.

The second half was a lot different as Cardiff played mush better. But it was Liverpool that scored first from the bot of Mane. Shortly thereafter Cardiff came back and scored the first goal at Anfield since February.

Liverpool turned it on in the last 10 minutes scoring 2 goals, another by Mane and a wonderful team affect by Shaqiri . Liverpool are now on top of the league . It might be only for a few hours , however, they the only team that are truly pressuring Man City.

Western Provence started the game on fire and were winning the first half 6-0 . These was off the boot of SP Marais. He scored 2 wonderful penalties. The Sharks had two tries ruled against them by the television empire. Whoever the sharks come back early in the second half with a try from Akkar van der Merwe and another later by Tyler Paul.

Overall the game was scrappy .A lot of handling mistakes and penalties missed. The game didn't hold up to a spectacular. Congratulation to the Sharks would managed to win the Curry cup after 5 years.


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