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Sunset in the Golden Gate National Park in South Africa

This photo was taken on top of one of the many mountain tops you can walk up.

This beautiful National Park is situated on the border of Lesotho and South Africa in the Maluti Mountains. You may be rewarded with wonderful mountain views. There is accommodation in the park and in nearby resorts as well as camping.

There is a three day hiking trail and many rewarding day walks.

Wildlife in the reserve includes typical grassland animals and a drive through the park normally results in seeing many of the different species.

On a recent visit we saw - Eland, Blesbok, Red Hartebeest, Plains Zebra, Springbok and Black-Backed Jackal.

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There is nothing beautiful than nature

I live and study in South Africa but have never been to the Golden Gate National Park. Now I'm jealous😊 beautiful post!

amazing, beautiful sunrise

What a beautiful place to be, Africa is beautiful


every continent is beautiful


I accept with you @millerkay but not just beautiful its a land filled with lifes. All kinds of animals ,birds and aqua animals. Africa is blessed

Very nice picture, allow me, while discussing about africa and relatively to the sunset, to share with you photos of merzouga, a very nice site south east of Morocco that I invite you to visit.

Here are some pictures of sunset and sunrise from merzouga.

I love your photo, I would like to visit Africa.

very beautiful photografy with nice views. you are great at making posts.
Good luck @africaunited

Places to see bevor you die....beautyful

I hope no Animals of Prey shows up my friend in those 3days hike...

Africa is Africa. There is natural beauty in Africa.

fabulous sunset!!!!!!!!

It's such an amazing post and the picture is also great. Looks such a great place to visit

very nice sunset...........

That looks really nice!
I hope I will visit south africa one day. My husband went there and he loved it. It´s so beautifull there. I would like to see it myself

what a photography & nature!awesome sunset.

i love nature.Thanks for sharing.


Perfect photo capture,

beautiful pic, thanks for sharing!

All my years of travel = never made it to SA
wish I had...thanks for pic...uplifting

Yea Africa is beautiful.. So also black is beauty

Excellent picture! Visit my publication and see what you think. If you like it, vote!

Home sweet home. I am blessed to live in South Africa and lucky enough to have traveled the country extensively, East coast to West coast, North to South. There is so much to see.

Nature does not have organs of speech, but creates languages and hearts through that talks and feels.I like your post.I wish to you success in the new undertaking.

One day I will see this magnificent country and the beasts that inhabit it. Thanks for sharing. 🐓

Excellent pictures!!

Looking at the twilight above the highest peak of the dreams of everyone, it is really happy that you who can see the masterpiece.

As a South African I must admit that the Golden Gate National Park is my favourite get-away from a busy life. So much splendour and the colors of the sandstone formations always take my breath away, no matter how many times I visit there.