Africa Beautiful Africa - 26 - The Amphitheater - by @mambaman

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9 Dec 09 21.JPG

The Amphitheater as viewed from the Royal Natal National Park in South Africa.

The Amphitheater is a rock wall about 5 km long and about 600 m high and is one of the most beautiful sights of the Drakensberg Mountains.

9 Dec 09 17.JPG

Swimming in one of the many streams and waterfalls below the Amphitheater.

10 Dec 09 31.JPG

Swimming on top of the Amphitheater in the Tugela River about 15 m from the lip of the Tugela Waterfalls as it tumbles down the face of the Amphitheater making it the highest waterfalls in Africa.

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Great stuff, thanks for the post, looks very relaxing

Your Children will never forget these adventures you took them on!

Thanks. I've enjoyed each moment and hope they have too

africa city it's so beautiful
upvoted and resteem

so even in Slovakia it was summer

Enjoy your swim in the amphitheater. Nice pictures you got here.

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What a beautiful sight for a dip in the water. Superhero’s! 🐓🐓