S.A.M.C. Volume 5 Submission - Bent Lakota: "WW3 - Special Delivery"

in soundlegion •  6 months ago

Hey @soundlegion and everyone who's interested:)

Here's my submission for S.A.M.C. Volume 5!

Original Song written, played, sung and produced @senzenfrenz! Well, my "nom de plume" is Bent Lakota.
The song is a EDM 80ies styled something. I wrote it some time ago for the steemit songwriters challange and it was placed in top five of some judges lists. The song needs a while to get to your ear, it's clue is revealing with the length of the song and the more you will listen to it. Then, at some point, you will loose your interest in it:)

You can listen on soundcloud:


And watch on youtube:


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Fantastic my friend! hit me up an mp3 of the tune to soundlegionlabel@gmail.com would be great to have you on this volume. big love