Music Collaboration #1 with @Soundlegion

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This is my first collaborative submission with @soundlegion. The song is called Slave To You.
If you enjoy this please upvote and resteem.
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very very cool! The instrumental is gorgeous here production very nice! I am highly impressed with the swag on this. I would like to hear more about the production of this piece and all you did here. I Think the timing on the vocals is set perfectly and key fantastic fantastic you get the basics gold star there and you wouldnt believe how many people fail that. lol but perfection here!! I think the vocal effects and volume on the layers could be expanded played with differently or a little more... not sure there yet, i need like dozen listens on this.. feeling the swag here nicely

Thanks so much!
The first thing I did was figure out the key signature, chord structure, and exact meter/tempo.

Once this was done I started exploring ideas starting out with heavy rock guitar playing. I put that to bed really quickly, opting for a more punchy groove feel.

I began with drums and bass. Once I felt that I had a groove and feel that was worthy of this cool lyric I was able to expand on the theme and tried to create some overall dynamics by having each section build slowly. For example, rather than have all three vocals present in each bar I start out with one vocal, add a second and finish up each section with the third. Also of note is how each vocal has a single refined effect.

The main vocal has just a touch of Medium Hall Reverb (16%). The second vocal track has a Dynamic Delay with feedback set at 39%. The third vocal track has a Chorus effect with the rate set at 1hz and the depth at at 8.78ms.
I really didn't want to kill your great singing by juicing the crap out of each track.

The intro section is just a paint can, a shaker, and a tambourine.
This is followed by the bass and drums with the percussion instruments fading out. Next is a piano line, followed by horns, and then wrapped up with by a Guitar with a talk box for the last couple of lines.

I'll certainly take a look at the vocal effects and volume and try expanding on them a little more. Really appreciate your feed back, and thanks for singing, you do a much better job than I do.

Killed it brotha. Very cool groove going on! Really added momentum to the vocals and vibe!

Thank you Brother J

yeah i like this one.

Sounds fantastic! Good to hear you collaborating with Steemians.

I love this song. The world needs more music like this in my opinion! Great song!

Thank you Brother, and thanks for resteeming. Much appreciated!

Really nice ! It's the kind of collaboration I want to support with the #steem-jamm project !

Just let me know if I can help out with a track or two....

Yeah no probs ! The first jamm is on the road ! @bilbop will share soon a bass track on which we can have fun !

Keep me posted!

The soulful rhythm section and surrealistic horn sounds, mellowed into percussive stirrings, then building together upon amazing vocal layering. Excellent results and the perfect match for @soundlegion's lovely voice.
A great production, my friend.

Thank you kindly my good man!

You are entirely welcome my friend.
Your creative production skills hit awesome here,
integrating @soundlegion's vocal tracks with a perfect complementary funky drive and sparkle

awesome instrumental! proving once again that when light enters darkness it always makes that darkness light. Thank you for yr excellence.

Thank you kindly, and well said!

Excellent Collab ! Loved everything about the song... Groove, Lyrics, Vocals, Harmonies, Horns, Instrumentation, Effects, and most of all its "catchability!" Nice !

Thank you Brother. Lyrics, vocals and harmonies all courtesy of @soundlegion. Thanks for listening.

Like it a lot, very impressive.

I am sure glad you came by for a listen. Thank you Brother.

you're very welcomed my friend

Excellent ! Great tune to begin with, Stellar vocalist, and Doubly Great Instrumentation and Production. My hats off to you both ! Resteemed and 100%

That really means a lot coming from an audio tech guy. Thank you kindly Brother.

Sounds super awesome. Brilliant work @brimax and @soundlegion. I listened to it twice great production and arrangement. The groove was very alluring and my fingers were craving to play a funky n bluesy solo as I listened to the track. You get my 100% vote. Cheers!!

Thank You Brother. I would sure like to hear some of those funky bluesy ideas????

Ok. I will send you the idea once i work out.

Good to hear you guys collaborating. Sounds good

Thank you Brother!

Thank you @princeofcats, appreciate you taking time to have a listen.

This is really quite good! The production is very smooth, I really like the sound of the vocals and the instrument mix.

Thank you Brother, much appreciated. Please note all vocals / lyrics are sung and provided by @soundlegion. Please stop by Shavons page and support the work that is happening there. Thanks again!

Sweet. Man, that guitar is somethin' else! Love it! beautiful........

Thank you Brother

Ya, this was a very groovy remix. I really like what's going on here both instrumentally and, the vocals are super catchy! I'll be checking out this vocal remix package thing.

Is there a deadline for remix album submissions? I've a super busy month so prolly won't be able to get on it till Aug 1rst !

No deadline!

Anyway to hear the tunes or vox before download? Or only way is to put em into a program?

Kinda wana hear which one inspires the most.

I guess you have to download them....

Oh no... not all of them ;)

Well, you can always wait until I have done them all to decide which lyrics you like!!! I just posted the next one.....

hahaha tru! Not a bad idea