How Music Affects Your Ears [Hearing Test]

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We all love music, but in order to enjoy it without any complications it is of the utmost importance to always keep the decibel levels with which we listen to it in mind; the World Health Organization (WHO) considers prolonged exposure to levels above 75 decibels (db) or short-term sounds that are over 110 db can cause permanent ear damage

Find out how much you can listen to with this test, during which you will need to listen with your headphones on.

00 dB Atomic bomb similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
180 dB Krakatoa Volcanic Explosion.
140 dB Threshold of pain.
130 dB Plane taking off.
120 dB Plane engine runnin g.
115 dB An Ipod at peak volumes
110 dB Concert
100 dB Electric Perforator
90 dB Traffic / Fighting between two people
80 dB A Train
70 dB Vacuum Cleaner
50/60 dB Agglomeration of people
40 dB Conversation
20 dB Library
10 dB Normal Breathing
0 dB Absolute Threshold of hearing

noise level.jpg

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