Soul stone river

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One leaf after another of random thought falls into eternity forever like swimmers diving from the great height into the depths so far below and never to come up again. Ah the poor dears, where do they go so silently to disappear for so long?


But how long really is forever and never, and who knows but one day we’ll pass them on our way home and say: ‘Oow look, there’s forever and never...wave.’
But like a trashy romance novel, most thoughts are not worth keeping and are best let go of to go their own way; so give me ten dollars and I’ll tell you all about the Excalibur moment and how romance trashed the stone; and for twenty dollars I’ll sing you a song from the borders where all the rusty words have gone and are lost wandering around looking for someplace else to go and the leaves of discarded thought fall out of the sky and are blown to dance in the wind that blows all things.


And so in that Excalibur moment when two thoughts collide the energy produced spins more from out of nowhere to hop skip and jump onwards, forever onwards pushing the edge of knowledge and all known things even further; and this is why hippies used to say: ‘far out man,’ in the cutting edge of their movement which was an explanation for all things in the making.
There was once a time when these thoughts were called madness for they were so far outside the concepts of the rational mind they could not be understood and were reasoned away as an illness to be treated with medications and psycho analysis and named as insane. If you weren't the same as everyone else you were looked upon as being suspect.


There was great fear in being mad, in the western culture, for mad ones were locked away, sometimes for life, and if you weren’t mad when you went in you became so in those confines.
So come take my hand for comfort and dispel the old fears and move onwards in love where our thoughts rain from our soul to cover our paths as rose-petals of pure energy to light our way.


So what is the answer beyond the allegorical statements?
There is energy, and by focused intent such energy can be gathered and harnessed for good and healing.
It can also be used to overcome inertial resistance in such a way the now deliberates the Tao of all you are in the moment and great insight can be experienced.


Such a state resists external energies by its acceptance, much like the sand of the beach resists the power of the waves by allowing until the force is spent, and in this way calm can be achieved.
Great insight is achieved from the flow that arises when conscious thought is deliberated from subconscious intuition.
Such clarity when exercised brings a depth of understanding that raises mundane thought above itself to a level where that which was hard to perceive can then be known.
Doors of perception open, time slows down, the organic mechanism of creation is released and the profound is seen in all things.


The nature of truth is a vibration found within yourself and comes from a knowing of your deepest self which is connected to all things.
It is known that one who knows their self is hard to lie to, for a lie is a twisted vibration and no matter what the face may show, a lie cannot be hidden from the high vibration of truth.


In the soul stone river where one goes to be immersed in the waters of understanding, the enchantments are re-set and clarity comes; all doors are unlocked and a great freedom descends to wash clean all illusion and scatter the bones of sorrow as dust upon the wind.


All great souls know of this and have said it in their own way to anyone who would listen.
But how do you say what can’t be said?
The heart has secret ways to speak that the intellect can’t comprehend and in this way Knowledge is passed on from one to another in its most profound and simple form.
A baby breathes through its heart all things and in the breathing knows it is as one with all things and so sleeps in the peace of tranquillity.

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