I reached your soul, I took refuge in your heart

in #soullast year

Away from the big troubles of a long life, my "loving" stories remained true to their eyes. While I had migrated from every corner of the street with the fire inside of me, the "wind" was blowing me from place to place, ignoring the drops gushing over me.

Suddenly, one day, the lights were shining in the sky, but it was one with the blue stars and could not preserve its "colorful mystery"!

Your words had a broken wing, the grade of the report was poor. After that time, I "troubled" everything inside me.

The universe was surrounded by people who did not expect any help from the sparkle of the sea and the wind blowing, lands that smelled of love "pierced" my gray mornings. My time was passing with five steps before the meeting, as if I wanted to escape from everyone; I was pulling the pains of love into me, I felt the love on your lips, I was devoting myself to you, I was swearing to love you as much as your weight.

I drew the "greatness" of my love for you on the misty windows, I "flowed" my daisy-scented smiles with my flamingos in me. I wrapped myself around to never let you go.


I reached his soul, took refuge in his heart, whispering the tunes of love, I destroyed the "stormy days" between us.

What is your business with people who don't care about you, don't care about you and are always arrogant? I immediately opened your window and said "take a pinch of breath" with me, what are you waiting for?


Beautiful piece☺️👍🏾

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