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Marriage vows are summed up in loving the partner with all your heart, mind, soul and body from now and always.
Yea, you promise to love with ALL! and that is the way love was meant to work.
Lets take some steps back

If you are very good with observation,you will find out with me that the most common true n fantasy love that ever was or we could ever find around are mostly the ones that started out as first love and ended in marriage.

If there was any first love that was mutual, the experiences and expressions of love in it are definitely what is worth telling the stories to generations, even though not all of them happened as mutual: the fact that someone is your first love doesn't mean you will be their very first love too.....the ones that happened to be mutual did not last while only few made it to marriage unscathed.

In fact you find out that most of the time, lots of people still have a profile or an image of what that first love felt like even years into marriage with someone else whenever they remember the adventure then, or they see the first love in question (provided the relationship that time ended well). But it is so true that this was almost when love is truest, purest, most sincere and that we all give it our all.

The difference between that first love and the ones we have afterwards depends on the state of the completeness of our souls, who we are at each point.....up until the first love, we were complete within us, our souls are mostly pure, there had not been much hurt or disappointment....we were mostly 100% a love being, and so we had the ALL to give and we gave it ALL.

Sincerely, most of us didn't know why we loved that deeply then, to some it was so passionate we ourselves did not even understand how we had to feel that way, the feeling frustrated some people while some just felt and acted weird......seriously this chemistry whenever it ever happened had a magic in it. And the second truth we didn't know then is what i am telling you now.....the reason why you loved that way then was because you had all your heart, mind and Soul all together and complete with you then.

Some of this first love didn't survive because it was one sided, or attacked, while some did happen and they were hurt, some got distracted on the way....some's first love had had their own first or series of love that didn't work and now its like beauty n beast or the prince n dog......whatever lies within each of our stories how our first love went, or the kind of ends that the love had, also the kind of hurts we were getting on the way, the disappointments and all, these things are different to individuals but they all had something to do with our heart n souls.......we noticed that of the heart (and we reckon it heartbreak) but we were ignorant of the one on our soul.........and so, Our souls began to either reduce or fade, we shared bits of it somewhere and when we were to leave,we forgot to pick it up, while some chose to distribute theirs abroad to as many they want and as they chose (when they didn't know what they were doing wrongly).

So, along the way, we kept bumping innocently on what could be or could have been love and we take it as though we were complete......we sometimes even bragged n promised what we didn't know we'd not be able to do.....the lucky ones were only the ones that had their own series short, and cycles of these events brief.

.......&You will need that complete soul again to give true, pure and complete love, and also be able to receive, enjoy and appreciate one when it's given you.

that's When Love Will Work


Nice post i think relationship mean trust and care each other what your opinion in my point of view

you are correct, and thanks for the compliments and your comment.

You are correct nice post

nothing beats the power of love

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