Really Sorry. Have a Video.

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I spent the past week dismantling an old sectional sofa.

And it was such a time-intensive task that it has kept me from producing new content today.

And you know what that means...

Get Ready to Laugh

This week's highlight goes to Studio C.

Now, their YouTube videos have been insanely popular, so you've likely heard of them before. Their central conceit is that they feature an anything goes style of comedy while remaining family friendly. Imagine SNL or Monty Python's Flying Circus, except you're not ashamed to show it to your children. And when they bring their A-game they are one of the best things on YouTube.

Any one of their videos would make a good entry here. But as an introduction I am going to post three, all of which deal with the same topic: legendary athlete Scott Sterling.









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Dude sometimes it's better you dismantling an old sectional sofa again :D This is funny and yeah I mean it!


ohhhh...Another wonderful and interesting funny clips by @talanhorne sir
So funny work sir...
Good job...
Upvoted and resteemed...


Thanks for your comments. @talanhorne sir always great.

So funny post and giving me laugh lot.Very good job my dear friend.Thanks for sharing with us

Execellent post again by @talanhorne sir...
Wel done and perfect work sir...

Absolutely so sorry to see Scott Sterling's nose skills playing.
This moment you moist funniest video uploaded @talanhorne. Nice stuff.

Excellent Writing Experience and Nice Blog
Your job is excellent .
Thanks @talanhorne
Have a nice day

@talanhorne - Sir until I read this post & watch these videos I didn't aware about Scott Sterling... I think now I'm a fan of him... Lie you said - This is what we call as comedy...


Wonderful post.Much obliged for sharing it

Oh so sadness situation of Scott Sterling. He showing his skills using his face Lol....Nice videos sharing @talanhorne.

ohh that will be fun watching these
videos ,thank you

Get Ready to Laugh

@talanhorne, I'm watching those videos now and first soccer goal keeper's reaction so funny and giving me laugh lot. Nice you decided to laughing us.

I saw it before! This guy was sooo lucky, but at the same time his nose paid for it. By watching it now, it made me laugh again. Poor Scott Sterling. He should play lottery that day.

lol first one aready gave me a good laughter!

this man like I hit a black cat before going out to play ... or is coyote family of (runs road) LOL

Lol this is at some point hurtful to watch. However, I enjoyed to watch it as well. Scott should have take helmet on his head after two shots. Very entertaining commercial!
I would say the best I’ve ever seen!

Interesting video. Poor guy, I think his nose is already fine. An excellent sofa. You not only write well but also repair. You have golden hands:)

I remember seeing that first.

I laughed to hard at that.

It reminds me so much of Shaolin soccer movie:


shaolin soccer is my first movie that teach playing football by kung fu is funniest thing ever.

Scott Sterling's poor talent showing both volleyball & goal keeping of football. But from his nose bring lucky his team. Funny creations @talanhorne.

An excellent selection of videos about the Scott Sterling and it seems that he has problems now with his nose, although thankfully he won a game for the team in volleyball. Thank you @talanhorne

So funny post you have a good range of topics to write and share with us :), about the videos Yale got a big point but they lose a head hehehe. Regards

So funny video sir. Have a great day. Resteem and upvote done

Very beautiful funny writing life blog post to you for thank you very much, and post a lot like and like post vote and comments and post share, I like this post a total of all see and this post to everyone can vote

Good writing , very funny video and sorry
For your post propagation.

Wow so interesting funny. good work sir, thanks for sharing

Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good videos to share as Funny contents for all family members. Incredibly good article during busy time.


Grea and amazing post sir.
Nice content
Very well articulated
Nice videos @talanhorne sir.
I like yhe soccer goal keeper's reaction that was so funny.😂😂😂

Thanks for sharing this post.

that is really sorry . He is definitely a good captain.

i laughed a lot. impressive article & your description of these videos is excellent too. nice post @talanhorne

reteemed & upvoted

He he he..... so funny videos..... and Feel so sorry for them.... :-)).... enjoyed your article... thank you so much for sharing this different type content...

'Legendary athlete Scott Sterling.' Video #1 is a funny content. Short but a good article.

Oh ! very sorry to video. nice blog
100% upvote Resteem

A fantastic post. One of my fav: funny video clips you used to shared. Excellent work

Omg! nice funny video and fantastic blog.

This is so sad sir really missing your blog post a lot,have a great day sir as a fan i always loves your blogs.

Congratulations @talanhorne
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional videos of Scott Sterling...!!!

100% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

haha that's some exciting videos you shared today this made my day :D

Very funny video you shared with us. This is the first time I watched Scott Sterling's video. Thank you @talanhorne for giving us good laugh. 😂

Hahaha!! The 1st video is really funny. 😂😂😂
I enjoyed your post very well.
Awesome videos @talanhorne.

Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

A great effort has been made to renovate the sofa and thank you for the high quality of the video

Hahahha.. I am dead laughing, how did he survived this much, if I was at his place I would have been dead. Legend Scott.

I watch this video's
Thanks for sharing @talanhorne

Mind blowing video. I like this
Resteem done

Wonderful blog. Nice video's. I like this video's

Excellent post. Good writting sir

Fabulous blog sir

Good post @talamhorne. Follow, upvote and resteem done

hahaha, i have seen this video before but still enjoyed it. isn't that a movie scene?

Wonderful post sir resteem

Fantastic post @talanhorne
Have a nice day

wow amazing post and vedio ....

So funny man... they act really amazingly.😂 I am laughing is not stopping man... thanks for sharing the so much funny video.😂👍

I seriously can't even breath because of my laughter after the commentator says "OH, SWEET BUTTERED CRUMPETS!"

Feeling sorry for Scott Sterling more than that we are missing your blog sir hope we can see some amazing stuff soon sir.

Hahaha. OMG
That looks insanely hilarious.
Hahaha. Thank you for sharing these. You made my day

Great sense of humor, love for legendary athlete Scott Sterling. you wrote very interesting copy by using this sequel.

Good people like that's. Thanks, sir @talanhorne

Did you solve your sofa issue sir so we can get some cool stuff from you,take care sir.

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I have enjoyed this sofa but i have enjoyed your blogs too this can happen sir dont worry be happy.

really its so amazing and enjoyable post...what a expression of his face,totally funny..and your explanation always increase its interest..

wow this is really amazing
this place is really very nice

Oh! It is so painful. I watched the football video some months ago. At first i thought it was a real match but then i get to know that it is filmed.

Although it is so entertaining. Thanks for sharing it.

Their central conceit is that they feature an anything goes style of comedy while remaining family friendly.

You highlighted a valid point. Comedy focusing on whole family works better than adding sexual contents. A brilliant thought & it's the secret behind there success.

Look some one get the hit and we find it funny, sorry about him but enjoyed your post.

Matt Meese may additionally surrender being goalie after this.

Wonderful writing. best

Excellent videos , that's really funny😂😂

This is very sad for him sir,btw we are expecting another netflix edition is coming so soon sir.

Its ok sir but we are waiting for your amazing blog posts you are my favorite writer sir.

Well did sure liked them buddy !

I lold I have never seen than channel before

I really enjoy watching these videos the guy was so lucky.

i watched these may be more than 20 times. Goalkeeper like him all team should need. very funny.

Great post sir
Upvote and resteem now