Sorry ...Give me to come back.

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No one is perfect. there will be a mistake.
Hello everyone!
Today I write this article in order to apologize to all my friends, brothers and sisters in the Vietnamese community steemit And everyone in the steemit community.
You probably know the game of chance as a web site to throw dice.
The first day in the community of steemit I just hope every day people vote themselves for $ 1-2 to cover everyday life when away from the parents. As a college student I do not want to be too dependent on my family when I go out to socialize. I want to really grow up, but society is too much to do. Time consuming and losing money. I learned myself after failures but I never thought of a day I would play gambling ... I thought I was easy to play. I became another man when playing gambling, enjoying with my friends is strange ... But why do not I see that money unfortunately?
I have had no time to eat my friends to borrow money to have meals so I was involved in gamble with virtual currency. Did I have great greed ... want to own big money by doing not right.
Right!!! The age of enrichment in life who have the greed for you but do not try to do the wrong thing. I have drawn so many precious experiences for my later life.
I really have hearts, people. When using the heart of upvote people go play dice. A game of opportunity to make a profit. During play, there are also profitable golf holes.
I know I was wrong ... Want to do something to apologize, it's hard for people to forgive me. I just expect people to pass and send me apologies deepest apology. I will work harder. Participate in such games anymore.

Give me more time to come back.


The people that i have upvoted that gamble, i have taken you off the voting list, if you want to be back on the voting list, you will have to ask the community, i will put you back on the voting list if the majority of them say yes.

Can I also return to the list? I realized my mistake, expect you to forgive

You will need to put up a post like this and go to their post and ask them.

I wrote a post and everybody forgave me, I hope you will also forgive me


Some of them in the Vietnamese community. I will continue to wait

Can I also return to the list?

U know what to do.

I am no longer supported by you, Can you tell me what I did wrong? @dang007

I have commented on other articles for 24 hours

Yesterday I had to go to school all day, I have to go to work. I only have a time from 23h-24h to online steemit. May have been missing one of the cmt you requested earlier
I will be more positive, sorry @ dang007

can you take me back? @dang007, I will be more active

You will have to take a break for 3 days.

Yes. I hope you don't have any mistake like this in the future

Thanks you rất nhiều ^^

yes.hãy cùng nhau làm lại

làm lại thôi b,cố lên

ok. lần sau rút kinh nghiệm

Yes. Tôi ủng hộ bạn

I say "YES". No one is perfect, so i hope that you have learned something from your mistake.

thanks you <3

ũa mà b bị gì v. k hiểu gì hết. đánh bạc là sao

cho e xin 1 vote yes chị ơi

I did the request and the interaction turns from them. you can check out.

Ok. At least you didn’t make excuse and didn’t pretend to be poor to get forgiveness.

yes, rất có sự cố gắng

yes .đồng ý ạ