Leaked Documents Prove Black Lives Matter Violence Was Planned, Orchestrated By Soros

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Documents posted to 4chan appear to detail a Soros-backed plan to incite civil unrest in the Baltimore area and reveals coordination with Baltimore law enforcement.

Internal documents appearing to belong to Friends of Democracy – George Soros’ son’s activist group – describe an acceleration of civil unrest to justify the rollout of martial law nationwide.

So the back story to these documents is a guy found these documents in his brothers possessions and his brother was unemployed but always was traveling to different cities across the country and this guy couldn't explain how his brother got the money to travel so much until he found these documents. He posted them on 4Chan and now here we are discussing them.

These documents look pretty legit to me just the font and styling remind me of government documents or an agency very close to the government.

This guy's brother must of been very high up in the Friends Of Democracy power structure to have such damning documents. He should probably step forward and revival himself because he's probably a dead man if he doesn't. The Soros's of the world do bad things to people that jeopardize their new world order plans.

Insiders in government helping BLM too.

Notice the Ideal section: civil war?

This is like military instructions.



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Doesn't really surprise me that much any more and that's sad. 😤😡 Thank you for the post @wakeupnd

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