Sorare November 2021 Results & Earnings | Sorare #6

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Another month has gone by in my sorare journey, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all my earnings in sorare via these posts.

Sorare Deposits – November ($0)

With the release of the remaining Russian Premier League clubs and Turkish league clubs, I was tempted to deposit additional funds to bolster my club with new faces but ultimately decided against it. For now, I will play with what I have deposited into the platform.

December 1st Gallery Value – 0.58 ETH ($2538)

The focus for the past month was to move up a division and focus on rare cards. There was quite a bit of turnover as I sold one of my limited teams and continuously traded by buying undervalued cards and then selling them for a profit.


November Gameweek Rewards – 0.02 ETH ($88)

As I stated in the previous month’s report, I am focusing on building a rare team to hit ETH threshold prizes in All-Star Rare Division, where if you score 205+ points, you will be rewarded with 0.01 ETH. If you score 250+ points, you will be rewarded with 0.02 ETH, and I managed to bag 2 x 0.01 ETH threshold prizes over the past month.

November Trading Earnings – 0.2473 ETH ($1089)

My best month of trading yet since I started the journey. I would put it down with the switch to rare cards. The volatility in rare card prices gives you much more room to trade and flip for-profits, where you can identify players that are undervalued and then once they perform according to their underlying stats, you can flip for profit.

November Affiliate Earnings – 0.008 ($35)

Two new referrals completed their sign-up, and I was awarded two free limited cards, valued at 0.008 ETH. I was able to sell one card and the other card I will keep in my club until he starts to break into his club team.

November Earnings

My earnings for November are:



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It was a topsy-turvy month with many frustrated gameweeks being nullified with players not playing, players getting injured, and players being benched – this makes the game aspect of sorare quite challenging. Nonetheless, on the trading side, this proved to be my best month and happy to have jumped into the rare cards as these have proven to be quite profitable, which has helped boost my ROI by another 50%, which I am pretty happy with.

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If you to try out sorare for free, please use my ref link. sorare is a Blockchain-based fantasy football (soccer) game where users may trade NFTs, participate in tournaments, and fight for prizes worth thousands of pounds...every week. It essentially combines Fantasy Premier League with NFTs. Using my ref link, you can get a Limited reward card after winning 5 Limited card auctions. This is pivotal in getting you started.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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