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The international break is upon us, which results in a lull in club football competitions. My sorare team is small, and I don't have enough players that play international football. This would be an excellent time for me to document some thoughts for new players that have signed up to sorare recently and want to step into the market to start purchasing cards for the first time.

Use SorareData

SorareData is a companion app for sorare, which sorare community members developed. It's a fantastic app and contains so much information about players, stats, market information, and more. Take the time to explore it, but the tip I want to give to new players is to, before bidding on players on the auction market, always look at how much the player has been selling for over the past three days and whats the lowest market offering. There are many times where I have seen new players bidding on auctions, and there are cheaper offers on the secondary market. I am assuming because new players are not aware of SorareData and all the information it provides.


Use Transfermarkt

One of the most popular football-related websites that contain lots of information about stats, fixtures, league data, competition data, transfers, and much more. The most prominent feature I use it for is the injury information on players. It has almost up-to-date injury information about players, so whenever I am looking to purchase a player, I always first look at the transfermarkt to see if the player is injured or not.


Generally, players' prices decrease rapidly if they have been injured. New players may think they are getting a bargain player to use in the weekly gameweek only to find out the player did not play due to being injured. Don't be caught out!

Make Offers

When venturing out to purchasing players from the secondary market from other sorare players, I never buy a card outright. I always try to negotiate a better deal and make an offer to the sorare manager. If they think it's a fair deal, they will accept. If not, they will reject. I determine the amount to offer based on the recent sales of the card, the player's form, and the team's form.


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Use Discord

The sorare discord community is a thriving community that has many channels. The real popular ones are the ones that are dedicated to the different leagues and the ones where managers advertise their cards for sale. When I am in the market for a particular position, I first look on discord channels to see if a card is available. Then I will message the manager to initiate a negotiation.



These sites will help new players carve-out deals, not purchase injured players and start to build a gallery that can grind out prizes in sorare. Happy scouting!

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If you to try out sorare for free, please use my ref link. sorare is a Blockchain-based fantasy football (soccer) game where users may trade NFTs, participate in tournaments, and fight for prizes worth thousands of pounds...every week. It essentially combines Fantasy Premier League with NFTs. Using my ref link, you can get a Limited reward card after winning 5 Limited card auctions. This is pivotal in getting you started.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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