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SOOM Tech made business contract of providing BaaS Service to China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises

Hello, everyone.
It is our pleasure to release another exciting news to our community.
SOOM TECH. concluded several contracts for providing BaaS(Blockchain as a Services), and it was highlighted by major Korean press. Below article was posted on Economy section of Financial News on August 20, 2018. Unfortunately, article is available only in Korean.

How did SOOM TECH. make contract with China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises? First collaboration step was in June.

SOOM Foundation and China association for small & medium commercial enterprises cooperated to hold ‘2018 World Blockchain technology forum’. World Convention of Small and Medium Enterprises is hosted in China every year to promote the network of SMEs all over the world. ‘2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum’ was a part of World SME convention.

Starting from China association for small & medium commercial enterprises, SOOM Foundation wiil provide SOOM BaaS in China. For more detail, you can check related articles down below.

For more detail
[블록포스트]숨파운데이션, 해외 블록체인 사업 확장

숨파운데이션(SOOM Foundation), BaaS 업무 협약 체결 통해 중국 시장 진출숨파운데이션soom-foundation-baas-업무-협약-체결-통해-중국-시장/

8월 17일(금) 국내외 블록체인 뉴스 오후 브리핑

숨파운데이션, BaaS 플랫폼으로 서비스 생태계 확산 시동

숨 파운데이션, 블록체인 서비스 플랫폼 잇따라 해외 수출

숨파운데이션, 해외 블록체인 사업에 나서며 청신호… 기술 제공 업무협약 잇따라

숨파운데이션, 4th 블록체인 기술 활용 해외사업 박차

숨파운데이션, 해외 블록체인 사업 청신호숨파운데이션&stx2=&w_section1=&sdate=&edate=

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