SOOM Foundation made agreement for academic industrial cooperation with Chosun university.

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Before listing on IDCM exchange platform on 27th Aug, we are pleased to release good news.

In our last post, we mentioned that we made agreement with VIMO(e-wallet company) to provide integrated mobile payment system in Vietnam. We are providing related services starting from June, and also in Japan we made several contracts with companies to provide blockchain service. Does it look like that we focus on business only in Vietnam and Japan? Totally not!

SOOM’s R&D center is located in Korea, and we have a lot of activities there.

SOOM Foundation tries to broaden its business sector by developing its own technology. In Korea, SOOM Foundation made agreement of academic industrial cooperation with Chosun university on 17th Aug, 2018.

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In Industry Academy News, article was selected as HOT NEWS of a day and posted on main page.
WOW! BRAVO! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

SOOM Foundation and Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation of Chosun university made contract to develop standardized electronic medical records for dental clinic. This contract will be great opportunity for medical industry to adopt blockchain technology which will lead 4th industrial revolution.

President of Chosun university, Dong wan Kang, Founder of SOOM Foundation, Ki eob, Park

SOOM Foundation will do its best to broaden the usage of blockchain technology and lead blockchain industry all over the world.
SOOM Foundation is now even in medical business, isn’t it great?

See you in a next post! Bye bye~

Unfortunately, all the articles are only available in Korean but feel free to check them out!

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