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Hello. It’s SOOM.

In our last post, we mentioned about our partner Pay Route who we signed an agreement with in April at the conference in Japan. Today we would like to talk about J Six Holdings who we also signed an agreement on the same day. Let us explain the service we are about to provide to our partner J Six Holdings :D

Last April, SOOM Foundation signed a business agreement with J Six Holdings; a Japanese cosmetic company, and started to expand our Blockchain business in Japan as well.

SOOM Foundation will provide all information and service related to Chinese payment systems, while as J Six will do marketing to merchants and support establishing payment infrastructure in Japan.

 < Terms of Agreement >

  1. Technical service to be provided from SOOM Tech
  • Development of Blockchain system
  • Operation and maintenance of Blockchain system
  • Consultation on the operation of Blockchain system
  • Hardware purchase and management

SOOM Mission
By offering BaaS service to J Six, our plan is to support technological development of Japan’s blockchain industry and build an infrastructure within Japan.

We will keep our blog updated for more information. Thank you.

< Profile of J SIX CEO Sugawara Junji >

 Name of Company: J SIX
 CEO: 菅原淳司(Sugawara Junji)
 Business Content: Cosmetics/ Designing, manufacturing, import, export, and wholesale of cosmetology devices/ Designing and manufacturing of health supplements and equipment
 Homepage URL: https://junebride.jp/

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