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  • VIMO in Vietnam

Hello, It’s SOOM.

In our last post, we mentioned about our partner Pay Route and J Six Holdings who we signed an agreement with in April at the conference in Japan. Today we would like to talk about VIMO who we signed an agreement on the same day. Let us explain service we are about to provide to our partner VIMO.

VIMO is a Vietnamese e-wallet service provider. In Vietnam currently only 28 institutes have licenses to provide e-wallet services, VIMO is one of most famous. Partnership with VIMO is essential for us to enter payment market in Vietnam, furthermore being a member of NEXTTECH group, it is a great opportunity to expand blockchain business.

VIMO owns exclusive co-branding mobile payment agreement with MobiFone and already deployed in large number of shops all over the country. SOOM Foundation signed an agreement in April to provide guidance and technology related to mobile payment services.

SOOM Foundation plans to expand mobile payment in Vietnam by making contracts with other e-wallet company and providing payment solutions.
Especially, we will provide services in Danang, Natrang where number of inbound Chinese tourists is growing tremendously.

We are looking forward to broaden SOOM Foundation’s activities in Vietnam.
See you in a next post!

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