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Featured on International Blockchain Media ‘Blockonomi’

Hello Dear SOOM Community!
Today we are proud to announce that SOOM Foundation has been featured in Blockonomi!
Blockonomi is one of the most reputable media in the blockchain sphere, specializing in unbiased cryptocurrency news and educational tutorials.
The article covers various aspects of SOOM blockchain, from its unique technical features to its wide range of services and practical applications. The article also elaborates on SOOM Group’s achievements and plan for the near to long-term future.
You can check out the whole article here:

We would like to thank you once again for your support and patience. Our community is getting larger and stronger every day, not only in S.Korea and Japan but also in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Europe!
SOOM Foundation has already been contacted by several other international media and promises to share existing news very soon!!

Thank you

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