SonicGrooveLive - Week 21 - We The Patsies Original 'Boomerang Gang'

in #sonicgroove4 years ago

Boomerang Gang


It’s all right here

Right here in the binder

Deliver your children

Unto the meat grinder

And for the children

It’s just sad

Try to be good

In a world of bad

Boomerang Gang

Boomerang Gang

They gotta hang

That Boomerang Gang

He came to town

They cut him down

Yad Kennedy

Asleep for eternity

Just keep believing the lie

That’s presented by

The unblinking eye

Who knows what else they’ll try

Hanging up on the ridge

Black water bridge

Blown off course from

The life force son

End the endless wars

End the media whores

You’re the one they got their eye on

That’s life on planet Zion

Oh what a trip

As we line up for the chip

iPhone 10

But what then

Boomerang Gang

Boomerang Gang

Boomerang Gang

Boomerang Gang

Diggin’ that fiat money

Sweet like Tennessee Honey

They hide in plain sight

But only overnight

Cuz in the light of day

They just blow away

Guns and Tanks and

Rothschild Banks

Take a Tank to the Bank

Up here in hell

So far from heaven

Just like a jumper from


In the time of drones

Everyone on phones

Used to be like you

Didn’t have a clue

Taking all the hits

Like useful idiots

You say its the same

You say we’re free

Well we’re onto your game

And you don’t fool me

Boomerang Gang

Boomerang Gang

They gotta hang

That Boomerang Gang


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You captured me from the first musical note. Great theme, good interpretation. It's been a total pleasure listening to you @wethepatsies

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