Secrets of Organ Playing Week 70 –Zipoli – Canzona in D Minor

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Domenico Zipoli was born in Italy who later worked and lived in Córdoba Argentina. He became a Jesuit to work as a missionary. His known output comprises works for keyboard – organ and harpsichord, though he is known to have written choral music.

Zipoli’s organ works comprise mainly sets of short versets followed by a more substantial canzona, the latter being in a contrapuntal style.


This comes off pretty well on an instrument that isn't usually associated with Zipoli.

Thanks. It is a matter of compromising as best as one can. It would have been better on my Forster & Andrews up the road and even better on my Létourneau but the latter is out of bounds during the lockdown.

Thanks for your entry! Would it be possible next time to post on Hive?

Thanks for your entry!
Would it be possible next
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