A Couple Of Quick Announcements for bot Creative Coin AND Sonic Groove

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Just a couple of quick updates today, but they're doozies!!

announcements (1).png

  1. Both Creativecoin and Sonicgroove have moved to a 50/50 payout system. This means that your payouts will be split between staked and liquid.

  2. Sonicgroove is now on STEEMPEAK!


We have one more BIG announcement for Sonicgroove that we're finishing up details on. I hope to be able to make the big post tonight.

Thanks for reading!


The 50/50 payout system is a great idea and it will help the growth of coin and the community:)

Clever move, I support it!! You rock!!! <3 <3 <3

That's a sweet idea! Is it possible to change the payout setting to 100% stake/power up as well or is it only 50/50?

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Where is the BIG announcement?? Did I miss it? I FAIL AT LIFE.