Hey Music Lovers!

Hey music lovers, get in here!!! We all know that tribes are the next best thing on the steemit platform now, but now things are about to get even more exciting for everyone who loves music.

Music is a universal language, and as such, it's quite amazing to have tribes that promote music on the platform, the good news is we have two music tribes already. There's the Sonic Groove and also the Tunes tribe.


How to get these tokens?

Well that's easy! All you need to do is create musical contents, and use the various tags. For Sonic Groove, the tag to use is #sonicgroove, while for the Tunes tribe, the tag to use is #tunes

When I say musical content, here are what the curators of these two tribes would be expecting of you:

  • Original sound recordings
  • Live performances (originals or covers)
  • Original music videos
  • Music contests and curation posts
  • Music Theory
  • Sound Design
  • Musical Instrument/Hardware building or repair
  • Hardware/Software discussions
  • Music Journalism


The Tunes tribe, just launched their front-end https://www.tunestoken.com
You could join the discord community https://discord.gg/jQEfVv

The Sonic Groove already has a front-end!
The Sonic Groove is a sub community of the Creative coin, and as such there's no need creating another server for it, if you not on the creativecoin serve, here's a link to join https://discord.gg/SvAfY6

So let the music play on!

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Good news, I only knew the #sonicgroove tribe, but thanks to you I know the #tunes tribe.

Stop on by for sure, love to have you part of the tribe.

Thanks for being apart of the Tunes Community and getting our name out there! Excited to see more post from you!

Glad to be a part of the tribe. And yes, awesome tribes are coming right up!

I'm confused. Why are there 2 new tribes with the exact same rules for the exact same niche; and made by the same person(s)?

@xsgreen-cook the two tribes are run by diferrent person(s) and as such gives no hindrance to both tribes growth.

Hi @xsgreen-cook these aren't run by the same person(s).

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