Leave My Children Alone (Original Song)

in songwriting •  25 days ago

Written just now. Very rough, composition/melody still forming.

What It's About

I'm so sick of these fucking pedos and abusers, all these MONSTERS harming our beautiful children. And remember, we're all God's Children, adults don't deserve to be raped, tortured, sold and abused either. We gotta put a stop to this somehow, yet, what can we do? Kill em? And wind up in jail right. Blame the Victims is the name of the game in our decrepit world. Yeah, that's right, pedos can rape babies and get 2 years, and if we were to kill a pedophile, WE GO IN A CAGE FOR LIFE.

So I guess I'll sing a song...

(Video 2:22)

Leave my children alone.
I will speak with the voice of the one Great Mother,
I will speak with the voice of the one True Father,
Leave my children alone.

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It's hard for me to comment on this topic it so painful and mindblowing that it IS an issue. Nevermind such a sickening dark deep huge issue. 🤢🤮 on the other hand i enjoy and adore your art and agree with all the others you've given an amazing gift by sharing this song. For the children (and the adolescents, adults and elderly alike for we are all God's children #fucksuffering time to transcend 💖)

I could and never will understand how sick people can be. It is the most disturbing thing ever to see anyone hurting another human being like that especially kids. These people are monsters because a normal human being would never be able to do this kind of act.
Like you said, we all are God's kids and we all should be helping each other and loving each other.
As to governments, they only protect the criminals, not the people who need the real help.

I always admire you for standing up and fighting for the truth, and love.

Yes, I watched this shaky fucking thing! <3
Yeah ...I'm of the mind that the punishment for rape should be to lop their cocks off (presuming the rapist has a cock and not a clit, women can be monsters too, albeit much more rare). If you're going to use it as a weapon, you should prepare to be disarmed.
But of course, I'm the terrible person for thinking that.
I think there would be a lot less rape if that was the punishment, just sayin'...
But then, on the other hand, in our world, some of the worst monsters are the enablers, the kidnappers and pimps and traffickers, who aren't necessarily doing the physical raping. They deserve something worse.


Thanks for watching til the end Phe, love you so much. You are so right, suggesting the solutions you have does spark uproar and outrage, smh...

Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent -Terry Goodkind

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 7.12.25 PM.png


Thanks for sharing Marion. These are the stories which always get the most media coverage, yet it's usually a friend or relative who is the child molester/abuser more often than not.

I wonder if they pump up these stories, to get us fearing the outside world, distrusting everyone. We all just want to keep our kids in and hide. It's sadly, parents, siblings, uncles, grandmothers, care takers, coaches...you get what I'm saying...who are the predator.


The sad part of this story is that the predator is getting out and going to some retreat. All over the news yesterday that sparked outrage. Why are we letting them out at all.


It is literally insanity. Time for us Mamas to take a stand.


yes...soon as I crawl out of my rabbit hole....I have many issues to tackle....got to clean up the environment...you know..one tin can at a time

Thank you for your advocacy for the children. They are being attacked on so many fronts, and the general public seems oblivious to it all. There is a strong push by those profiting and addicted to this pain to shut down any voices calling them out. I have seen it firsthand myself even here on Steemit. We have to take the narrative from them and refuse to cower. Every voice on the front lines refusing to cower is one more nail in the coffin putting this sick practice out of business.


Thank you as well for everything you do to raise awareness, and how you support and protect those who are speaking out. Much love and respect @practicalthought, I'm so very glad I know you.

I was singing together with you, my dear Lyndsay!
The music is very touching, and your voice is coming from the Soul, I hear it..

really very exciting problem, and I can't stay calm speaking about it...
Just one (or not one) ugly and dirty monster (not a human) can do what he wants with kids...how can they all continue to live among us even after the prison?! or when they get only a short term of prison, it's just no comments...

Some years ago we've public movement "Occupy Pedophile", it wasn't legal of course, but these guys found and punished all these monsters who were lucky not to be in prison. They had much support among citizens, though many people thought they were wrong, and they aren't judges to judge them. Result - the head of this movement is in prison now, ther activity is stopped. Unfortunately.


It doesn't surprise me that Occupy Pedophile was shut down. That is sick that the people who are actually trying to protect more children from being harmed by known predators, end up being the ones persecuted. We live half a world apart, yet our worlds are so similar Talia. :( :( :(

We Must Help Each Other.jpg



yeah, dear SiSTAR, you'e so right.
We're so far, but there're so many similarities in our worlds

btw, your song is really a hit!
why? because musical critics say that there're 2 feautures of a great song: simple lyrics, and a catching melody (people sing it all the time)
and I don;t need to relisten to your song, because I am singing it now all the time;) and I even don't realize it! I am doing smth and singing it.
the husband heard it and asked: "What is it? A new favourite song?" and only then I realized I was singing it;))


Omg, that is the best compliment EVER Talia, thank you for telling me!

I think it is off to a great start. Don't second guess yourself. You have a beautiful talent. I agree if anyone ever hurt my girls. I would torture and kill them and not think twice.

Nice one Lyndsey - great first take, I love how real you are 😍🔥❤️


Aw shucks, thank you so so so so much for giving it a listen SallyBeth! xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxooxx


My pleasure- it’s nice for me to be back in Spain and reunited with my guitar after so long too- ☺️

Abbi was smiling while we listened to your song.

I to agree disarm the pedoes.

Have a great day girl keep up the great work.



Aww, thanks Julie, and ABBI!!!! Love you Ladies xoxox Sooooooo sooooooo much!!!!!


We enjoy the wonderful you. OXOXOXOX


An Open Secret on twitter has been saying that it looks like Bryan Singer is finally about to go down. Apparently, Esquire is close to publishing an article about him with horrible stuff in it. He was supposedly the Harvey Weinstein casting couch for gay young teen boys in Hollywood. If Singer can go down, I’m confident others will follow. So there is reason for optimism. Let’s hope the article isn’t put on the shelf at the last minute!


Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking for it Shaun. Also, thank you for having your eyes open about this shit.


I don’t know if you’re aware of them, but an open secret on twitter is a good place for information on what’s going down in Hollywood right now. They break information months before the media usually does.

Beautiful lynds! 💜💜


Thanks for checking it out Angel SiSTAR <3 <3 Love you and yours!!

Hi @lyndsaybowes, What a impressive performance. I love your play guitar and singing skills. Gorgeous. Keep it up.


Thank you for stopping by and giving it a listen @madushanka <3 xo

great job Lyndsay, meaningful and full of emotions, it's so sad, what they do is really wild and psycho :(


Thanks for listening Davood, it could have some potential. Sorry for always being so depressing lol xoxo


it was great, you know I listened much to this genre :) , years ago I was listening to an Iranian rock band's album, later I read their album name called stress :D , thanks for bringing this song here, even as a short piece it's great, your performance reminds me of this scene of game :

reminds me of Last of Us guitar scene :)


Cool song/video!! THanks for sharing!

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@lyndsaybowes, nice video! I like the way you play a guitar. You seem to be cool person.
I hope you may start DTubing as well one day.

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I feel it Sister Warrior Lyndsay... A song that needs to be Sang (or even screamed out loud) from everyone's mouths young and old for our children (yours or not) are all our futures. I get so tiered of parents stating they love their children yet they do not that that ensures their security (not just financially) security as in freedom (from any sort of slavery, abuse or torture) and environmental security for if this they do not do they are not loving their children wholesomely.