The Genius of Paul Anka - I Did It My Way (sung by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams, etc.

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One of the great composers of pop hits, Paul Anka truly outdid himself when he wrote "I Did It My Way"...

If the greatness of a song can be measured by which great singer sings it, then "I Did It My Way" is at the top of the totem pole:
I give you this great song sung by Paul Anka himself, and also by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, David Bowie, Robbie Williams... absolutely great! I can't get tired of listening to all of them:

Paul Anka (singer, and composer)

Frank Sinatra

Elvis Presley

Andrea Bocelli

David Bowie

Robbie Williams

= = = = = . = = = = =
These are ALL Geniuses at their best:

The Genius of Cole Porter : Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love

The Genius of Cole Porter: Night and Day

El Genio de Chava Flores: Voy en el Metro ... Pichicuas y Cupertino

El Genio de Chava Flores: La Interesada


Don't want to ruin your post but Anka "only" reworked and wrote the english lyrics for this song. The original song was in french and written by Claude François and Jacques Revaux.
But to be honest; I like the english versions the most.
Have a nice day.

Who can forget Sid Vicious’ classic punk version in the film The Great R’n’R Swindle? As one astute observer stated at the time, “My Way” is “the song Paul Anka wrote for Sid Vicious.” ‘Nuff said.

There's an interesting anecdote re David Bowie. Apparently he had been asked by his music company to write English lyrics of the original French song “Comme d’habitude.” (This was way back when Bowie was still a minor, virtually unknown artist.) Bowie wrote his version (which he titled “Even a Fool Learns to Love”), but the company rejected it. “Quite rightly, I feel,” opined Bowie in later years.

Instead, the company went with the lyrics written by Anka. This is the one that we know and love, particularly the unnerving version by Sid Vicious. He did it his way.

I listened to Sid Vicious's version on youTube and quite frankly, I will take Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley any day. Paul Anka himself could not sing it any better than Frank Sinatra or Elvis.

Good point. Of course, Sid's version was fine for a certain time and place, and definitely for a certain age and only for certain people. But not for everyone, and not for aging people such as myself. :-)

Really? I didn't know this. I checked YouTube and I found this:

It is the same melody, but totally different words.

Still... for me... I love "I did it My Way"... the version by Paul Anka

Thank you for showing me this.

There is an interesting story... "It's Impossible" made famous by Perry Como, was written by an American composer. And then, Armando Manzanero, a great Mexican composer of many beautiful songs, came out with "Somos Novios." The same melody, but totally different words. One sued the other, and they reached a happy agreement: from then on, they would BOTH be known as the co-composers. Of course, the Mexican composer paid a huge lump sum to the American composer.

Also... George Harrison was sued and LOST for taking the melody of "My Sweet Lord" from another song, "He's So Fine" sung by The Chiffons and composed by Ronald Mack.

Here's an interesting mix of "My Sweet Lord" and "He's so Fine"

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