Song Challenge Day 15 - A Song that's a Cover by Another Artist

in song-challenge •  6 months ago

Let me start by saying that I believe Mike Patton is a genius. This is not necessarily the song that is most representative of his body of work, but it's one of the best cover songs I've ever heard. I love his voice, and his creativity. Like I said the creativity doesn't necessarily shine through too much in this particular song, as it's a pretty straightforward cover of the Commodores original, but expertly done.

Thinking further about what I said earlier, I don't know that there is a song that would be representative of his body of work because it's so diverse. He's all over the place stylistically and vocally, which is usually a death sentence for musical artists. But for him it works. I would not be surprised if this isn't the last time Mike Patton shows up during the song challenge.

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Faith No More. 😍 Mike Patton has a great voice.