Son Doong cave the largest in the entire world

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Hello, Steemians friends here I present you Son Doong cave the largest cave in the entire world. I love to explore and in the future, I will love to explore this one. Well, here some photos and info about this amazing and splendid cave.

photos by the guardian

Oh! man I just want to camp there too!

Huge Entrance!

some cave pearls that took hundreds of years to form.

Love this one it looks like taken from a film.

Big river inside the cave

the images sources is from the guardian there's more info about it and Wikipedia. links below.

Well I hope you enjoy this amazing photos. remember to follow, upvote and comment. until the next!

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Followed! That's awesome. I've nevw seen pictures before!


Thanks for the comment. yea me too I just found them and say man I need to share this! jeje. They are just so awesome. is like a dream, I think I'm gonna make a painting one day pretty soon.

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