And now

in someone •  14 days ago 

something that's not mine since im at 100% RC

something that nicely depicts the current state of steem and is a fine piece of art imo



at about 4 cents for the last post this is about the amount of time since im waiting for a download to finish anyway

see you on the flipside or next time or not

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steemits way of being funny, posting a wallpaper pic gets me 320% more than a video with music i made myself,

always a pleasure :)

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

all your work has value it just has to be marketed properly and in the right place. yes i concur, it's a pretty accurate picture of when they decide to just do whatever they want whitepaper out the window (again) when order goes out the window it became a free for all.
Just imagine a free speech social site built on the immutable blockchain hahaha they just don't see it and they're ruining it so sad.
The vigilantes are soon to be out of a job anyways lol:) , you know from your own experience people don't write just to be judged ! it's a form of self expression and art after all:)

Indeed, an interesting art piece. I wonder where the fascination for the dark side comes and why it is so popular. Maybe I haven't inspected mine in detail but then I think I would like to decide otherwise and leave the table to find a better dining company. This dark side of me, which of course, I do recognize, should not win over the better one. Maybe it just needs some soothing, hugging, tender care. Than it stopes being so hungry and greedy.