Solve the message #1 - for Steem/SBD prize!

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The goal is to decrypt the message, which can be a word, a phrase or a sentence. The message is hidden behind the instructions and hints provided.

Game rules:
The first person to find the official answer is the winner.
The winner receives amount equal to 100% of author liquid rewards for this post post (SD and liquid Steem) or 1 SBD, whichever is greater.

_ _ G H_ _ T

[ I ]



[ U ]

ER => ? [ H ]

Hint #1:" 2 , 3 , 5 , 5 - 8"

Hint #2:

a) in hint #1 those are the number and length of the words, so 5 words
b) word one can be 3 or 2 letter word - as you can see that clue 1 points to possibly 3 letters and hint#1 to 2 [both answers are accepted as official
c) for the last clue extension : # from ER => ? [ H ]

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Hint# 2 added.

OK this thing is officially over. And as I did not get even a single attempt at solving, I do not intend to provide any official solution.