On the Hollywood Walk of Fame before the premier of Solo: A Store Wars Story, under the Red Carpet

in #solo6 years ago (edited)

A guy with no access takes you on a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame as we go backstage, and under the red carpet at the Hollywood premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story...in Hollywood!

We start our little trek at the world famous Hotel Roosevelt and make our way all the way down Hollywood Blvd to Highland Ave, a full block. At one point we even cross the street. I know, an insane crazy joy ride, right?

I'll never forget the few minutes I spent shooting this on my iphone. And neither will you!

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there is a broke superman and a broke hulk....oh my this just wrong....don't ever do that again

ffs Pomp, this is funny as fcuk! this is original comedy news central....can you please change the tag funny to #comedyopenmic so others can see this!

i swear if only i saw this 2 days ago we would get db, butty or carlster to cu-the-rie out of this original video post!

@carlgnash come see this!

I agree. There was solid editing in you post @davidpompeii. Music layed in well... nice zoom ins and funny. I would have submitted that to curie.

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