Nationalist isolation or global solidarity? - Reflection

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The countries of the world have established certain internal protocols for the movement of their citizens, in many cases the borders between different departments or states are totally restricted or limited to specific cases. This is one of the tools that some countries use to counteract the advance of the Covid-19.

In the same way, national and international flights have ceased their functions, totally or partially, in different countries. But, these eventualities may lead countries to be more radical in their position and to consider some possibilities in the near future, that's why I wonder:

What will be the main trend?

  • (a)Nationalist isolation? or
  • (b) Global solidarity?



Among these positions it could be that some countries opt for shelter, or open themselves to help and help others... it could be a situation that implies a difficult decision, which for some would be questionable and for others understandable.

a)Nationalist isolation?

If someone decided to isolate themselves completely because they have everything they need to get out of this crisis alone and prefer not to receive any help, or very little from others, they would have every right, because of the autonomy of each country, to shovel their situation with all their internal means and tools.

They would have the possibility to help others, but also the obligation?, this is debatable, although it will always be questioned. I'm not saying it's better or better, but I'm not saying it's worse. It's just one option within the possibilities.

There is also the option of:

b) Global solidarity?
This is also a way in which a state could assume the crisis, trying to help others, from its possibilities, of course. And if everyone does so in solidarity, it is possible for everyone to collaborate with everyone, not only in matters of technology or finance, often with some specific information, or by lending specialized volunteer personnel to others who do not have sufficient personnel in a certain area, for example.

These are just options that came to mind, even some of the midpoints I have raised are within the possibilities. I particularly believe that it is time to collaborate, to unite, to support, but everyone has their own ways of doing it and their own thoughts on it, and I do not question it.

Thankful for the support I'm giving, I'm saying goodbye.



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