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I was 8 when they came to my village
Sent dad to heaven with one bullet
Made me watch while they devour mum and sisters.
Passed them around like toys
And slaughtered them after pleasure.

My heart broke and paused for few seconds
I woke up in a frosty forest
Chained and caged like a dog.
Tears flow through my eyes like a fountain
And rage became my meal.

They en-frame me for months
I called upon death to come
But death hid from me
Deaf and far-flung.

Months came and gone
They gave me a gun and machete
Trained to be like them
Trained with fog and hatred
To cause discord to the society.

Now I'm fourteen
Wearing the blood of my family on my neck.
The last visage of mum still hunts me
The aching voices of my siblings have blocked my thoughts
And sadness enveloped my skewed life.

I'm now a living zombie
Lacks empathy and conscience
Killed hundreds for their course.

We turned villages to ghost towns
Became menace and wanton.
Soon they gave me a bride
She was 10 and clueless
A trophy for my participation.

They called us defenders of caliphates
Holy soldiers I guess.
My bride became my torture
A reminder of the lives they took from me.

Sorrows keep boiling within me
A feeling that woke my pain.
I took my gun and left bullets
In the soiled heart of the leader.

Flew with my bride
Knowing my death will be a reward.
We ran like cats
Pleaded for death to come
But death left us behind.

We survived three days in the forest
Declared dead by society and caliphate.
Went back to the village to breath
But they tossed and labeled us outcast
The privileged and favored ones.

We are victims of this cruel world
Rejected by the society that we love.
Plugged unripe and moulded as warriors
Fought wars we can't explain
I'm a child soldier
And this is my capsule.


Sensational, very strong.

@pedro777 thank you. Follow me more are on the way.

Wow!!! It's like a remake of what's happening around the world in 3rd world countries. #ThumbsUp

you are absolutely correct

This is a very sad story. Hope the character in this story finds peace.

yea hope so too

that is the world we live in

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This was really nice to read...
True stories of children fighting in war...

@blog-fictions thank u for reading. One of the impacts of leadership failures in our society.

True..the rich governments would go down to any levels to fill up their banks...

yea take a look at Syria, Congo, Libya, Somali etc.. its pathetic to watch.. We are really the lucky ones

Yes we are lucky till now...they choose when to destroy...

Well let contribute to the society in our own little ways

i think u have stolen my heart. what should i do?

you are on point

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thanks for the upvote

It's very interesting article. I have subscribed to you, I hope for mutual subscription

Thank u. Have done that...

you play'n?

Just saying, the story seems to be too crazy to be real....

Most kids are living such lives. Travel to syria, congo, somali, Nigeria etc and witness first hand.

Well if crypto can financially help them get out of those situations good for them

My heart is crying because the poem depicts tge reality of some of the people in the world.

@thequeenlives we should voice out and defeat evil. They don't have a place in this world

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Great.. Highly appreciated

It is the reality now a days.

The fact that people have to go through this is horrible. We need to learn to love everyone

@star so true. Love is all we need. Do follow me for more..

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