World's First Solar Powered Railway Opens in UK

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Britain made a first in the world and opened the railroad, which receives its energy from the sun. If the project is successful, the country can operate the entire railway network with solar energy.
The field of use of solar energy, which stands out in the search for alternative energy, is becoming more and more widespread. Finally, some trains in the UK started to use railway lines that receive their energy from solar panel farms for the first time in the world.

Around a hundred solar panels power the line lights and the signaling system near the city of Aldershot in Hampshire. This successful project seems to be available throughout the country if it continues to grow.

england solar powered railway

Some of the train stations in the UK were already powered by solar panels. Network Rail, which manages most of the UK's railway infrastructures, has set aside billions of money to provide energy to railway lines in this way. If the pilot project is successful, the company plans to do this electrification through solar energy. In addition, the UK Government wants to stop diesel use on railways by 2040.

india solar powered train

England is not the first country with solar powered trains. In India, more than 250 trains carry solar panels on roofs and provide energy from there. India plans to build new solar panel farms and India Railways is aiming to build a fully green energy-powered rail network. Moreover, it intends to achieve this goal within ten years.