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One and a half billion individuals round the world don't however have access to electricity. and three billion have confidence biomass for change of state. continent ranks initial on all continents with low access to electricity. Indoor pollution from monoxide in open ovens is that the leading reason for death in developing countries for protozoal infection and infectious disease. The imperative would like for an answer has been direful. within the course of an institution that may greatly cub things
The idea of a combination of Blockchain and star Technology is extremely relevant at the instant that has crystal rectifier to the institution of intelligent contracts and blockade which can directly and mechanically monitor the flow of information and energy accumulation within the Solarex ecosystem is additionally sacrosanct. the utilization of a wise contract conjointly ensures a balance between activities within the scheme. Solarex introduces blockchain technology that utterly eliminates dishonorable activities within the scheme.

Now the large question comes in situ
"What is Solarex"?

Solarex is a platform that delivers low-cost, economical and constant energy!
The team can perpetually come back up with and explore new choices that may facilitate the energy market by providing further services to our valued customers inside the businesses that require energy.
Only the difficulty of raising funds and attracting energy shoppers to the Solarex project remains receptive understand our plans for the energy market. the concept is to expand the capability to extract and use energy in a very structured means within the coming back years, which can have a positive impact on the whole continent (Africa, because the project plans to expand its activities from this continent to start).

The Solarex scheme is innovative, turbulent and democratised system that may positively improve the living condition of the individuals of continent and billions of lives everywhere the globe. Solarex could be a new generation hybrid start-up alternative energy supplier insured by the most recent Blockchain technology and crypto-currency enabled dealing systems.

We area unit committed to utilizing this distinctive turbulent digital energy resolution to enhance lives of Africans the bulk of whom are underprivileged access to constant power provide for many years.
The business model is intended to line up off-grid star farms within the Urban, Semi-Urban and geographic area areas and at selected cluster zones to enhance energy situation inside the chosen zones. starex comes with the choice of accessing the entire Solar Package resolution which might be created potential via outright sale, whereas an alternative choice accessible to shoppers is that the leasing of star Package that comes with a tailored support with finance.

Solarex is with a vision to changing into the most important blockchain based, most effective and property energy supplier, providing energy at an inexpensive worth for all, setting a replacement normal for energy consumption and unrelentingly, that specialize in client satisfaction.

Solarex Solutions

Blockchain and sensible Contract
P2P Energy mercantilism Platform
Smart Meter
AI And IOT Technology
Smart Microgrid
Project funding Platform
Solar Farm and upside PV

Mobile App.

We are about to develop Solarex App in each iOS and automaton platform for sound the complete potential of the market. it's going to be necessary for Solarex to try to to open supply and develop full security overs keys via hardware notecase where necessary. Solarex App will offer straightforward interface that produces charge unit accessible virtually on period of time basis along side alternative communication feature with the corporate as shown below.

Smart Meter.

We will be rolling out successive generation Solarex sensible Meter to any or all our customers, and therefore the sensible meters comes with visual display unit with Real time knowledge what quantity energy is been made and consumed in SRX. The sensible meter drawn in fig5 below communicates with the network and shares some functionalities of the mobile app. in this means people who don't have access to mobile devices will build use of the sensible meter to access the scheme.

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